What are some of the reasons why people get permanent makeup?

Dexterity difficulties: Chronic health issues and age can both hamper your dexterity and ability to apply makeup. Things like arthritis, and visual limitations are some of the reason why people choose to have permanent makeup.

Allergies: Some people are allergic to conventional cosmetics and permanent makeup gives them to opportunity to continue to look their best.

Hair Loss : Thinning or absent eyebrows or eyelashes due to age, or chemotherapy treatments. Permanent makeup can fill in the thinning areas and make you look your best. Click here to learn more about eyebrow permanent makeup and before/after pictures…

Thin/Uneven Lips: Lips play a major role in facial balance. By balancing out and/or enhancing your lip color, your face will achieve a more balanced look. Click here to read more about lip permanent makeup and before/after pictures…

Excessive Perpiration: Sweating can cause makeup to smear/ smudge, or come off completely. With permanent makeup, you can look your best while working out.

Scars: With corrective coloring, visible scars can be blended into your natural skin color and visibility is decreased or eliminated completely. Click here to read more about corrective coloring and before/after pictures…

Save Time: With permanent makeup, you “wake up with makeup” For women that are on the go, this is the perfect way to save hours out of your daily routine.

There are many other reason to get permanent makeup – these are just some of the main ones…

Does it hurt to have permanent makeup applied?

Because permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo on your face, it can cause pain during the procedure and for the rest of the day, but that is generally the longest that most people complain of discomfort. Topical anesthetic is used prior to the procedure and can be continually applied throughout if there is too much discomfort. In general, most clients call the sensation more of an “annoying sensation” and not unbearable at all. If you are concerned with the pain aspect, I would suggest that you watch the video of me (Gaby) doing an upper eyelash/eyeliner tattoo on a client. You will notice that she does not look uncomfortable in any way, and was able to easily tolerate a lengthy procedure with the use of the topical anesthetic. Click here to view the video now….

I’ve heard that if you get cosmetic tattoo’s such as permanent makeup, the ink has metal in it, and you can have problems with medical tests such as MRI’s, is this true?

– The ink I use is completely free of any metal, and you will have no issues with MRI’s or any other type of medical test or scan if you decide to have permanent makeup applied. I keep up-to-date on all the latest issues, technology, equipment, and procedures related to my specialty, so please be assured that I do my best to keep you safe, keep my working environment clean, and any procedure I do will be sterile…virtually eliminating the chance of an infection.