“I’ve had my eyebrows done 3 years ago, and I decided to get them retouched by someone different. Don’t get me wrong, I did like my eyebrows when they were first done, but I wanted to experience another great permanent make-up artist and see which one I would rather go to.

Not only was Gaby my excellent choice, her price for eyebrows were very reasonable. Most women I’ve seen have greenish faded eyebrows. I think this happens because women would rather pay the cheaper price of $150-$200. Definitely not worth it!! I highly advise to pay a few extra bucks to receive the most even and most natural result in a sanitized environment..

My first impression from Gaby is that she’s very welcoming and respectful to your needs. I’m a perfectionist and she works very well with perfectionists. She’s a perfectionist herself. She makes sure that each eyebrow is as even as possible. Every person’s brow bone is shaped different. She has many tools to measure each eyebrow to check multiple times to see if it’s even. She doesn’t care how much you nit pick at what exactly you want. She even lets me draw my eyebrows so she can trace it. I’m so glad that Gaby is my permanent makeup artist! I can’t help but refer her to other people that want permanent makeup done. No need to search elsewhere. Gaby’s the one.”