Full Lip Color


Over time, lips may become thinner with less definition and loss of color due to sun damage, hormonal change, age, or medical conditions. Permanent lip color is the solution! Having permanent lip color YOU have the choice to go with or without wearing your own lipstick colors over your permanent lip color. You can always be assured that you are looking your best when waking up, swimming, eating, working out and other activities.

Lip Liner
Lip liner creates an attractive lip line that enhances the shape of the mouth and looks great with or without make-up. This procedure can be used to balance uneven bows, or lip extensions using a similar color to the natural lip color. Lip liner is also helpful in preventing your lipstick from running, or just fill in where the color is beginning to fade due to injury, age, or cold sores. This treatment achieves fuller lips whilst at the same time providing you with a softer lip shade.

Lip blend is lip liner with a little shading into the lip, in between full lips and lip liner.

Permanent Lip Color is beneficial for those who have…..

  • no definite lip shape
  • small lips
  • lost color and definition in their lips due to age, sun damage or fever blisters
  • lipstick bleeding and want it to stop
  • shaky hands
  • busy schedules and want to save time
  • a cleft lip

Note – Condition the lips with moisturizing cream 2 weeks before and after treatments. Sun block is necessary at all times except right after procedure. The treatment may last 2-6 years. However, to keep your lips looking consistently good an every 2 year touch up is recommended, with annual check ups.

FYI – If a client has ever had a fever blister or cold sore, she must consult her doctor and get a prescription to cover 2-3 procedures. Generally Valtrex, Famvir, or Zovirax is taken 3 to 4 days prior, during and after your procedure.