Gaby Malcangio is certified to perform both the “hand method” which is a manual technique, as well as the latest in permanent makeup using the digital machine. (We have recently placed a video of Gaby performing a permanent makeup procedure with the digital machine…click here to view now).

Gaby first trained with Sally Hayes (hand method) in 1997, then continued to learn with the Derma-Medical Institute and received her certification in Advanced Camouflage Techniques of Micro-Pigmentation, Advanced Color Theory and Corrective Cosmetics. In 1998 Gaby trained with the founder of SofTap cosmetics Alexis Lawson in 1998.

Working for so many years doing brow shaping and permanent makeup Gaby has become an expert in the industry, and is known for her precision, artistic ability, caring, and client satisfaction. She is referred too by many doctors and leading associates in the beauty business. Gaby believes in continuing education, and is a member of the SPCP attending yearly conferences, classes and trade shows, also making sure she is updated on the current techniques and procedures, sanitation rules and regulations, and topical anesthetics.

Please feel free to read customer reviews as they comment on their experience with Gaby and permanent makeup procedures that she has done on them. Additionally, please add your own, we always encourage feedback!