September 7, 2010 : Procedure: Eyebrows and Eyeliner
“After two horrible experience with two other permanent makeup artists I finally found a real permanent makeup artist. Gaby not only corrected the the color on my eyebrows but she also gave me back my youthful looking eyebrows that I had when i was younger. The procedure was so easy and painless. I decided to also get permanent eyeliner done. I love the way I look!!!! It truly has made me feel so much better about myself.




June 30, 2010 : Procedure: Eyeliner
“Gaby did eyeliner for me, and I can’t say enough what a wonderful job she did!
She put the liner right in the lash line, which is exactly where it should be! She is a professional and a perfectionist–I highly recommend her for anyone considering permanent makeup.”



April 7, 2010 : Procedure: Eyebrows
“I’ve had my eyebrows done 3 years ago, and I decided to get them retouched by someone different. Don’t get me wrong, I did like my eyebrows when they were first done, but I wanted to experience another great permanent make-up artist and see which one I would rather go to.

Not only was Gaby my excellent choice, her price for eyebrows were very reasonable. Most women I’ve seen have greenish faded eyebrows. I think this happens because women would rather pay the cheaper price of $150-$200. Definitely not worth it!! I highly advise to pay a few extra bucks to receive the most even and most natural result in a sanitized environment..

My first impression from Gaby is that she’s very welcoming and respectful to your needs. I’m a perfectionist and she works very well with perfectionists. She’s a perfectionist herself. She makes sure that each eyebrow is as even as possible. Every person’s brow bone is shaped different. She has many tools to measure each eyebrow to check multiple times to see if it’s even. She doesn’t care how much you nit pick at what exactly you want. She even lets me draw my eyebrows so she can trace it. I’m so glad that Gaby is my permanent makeup artist! I can’t help but refer her to other people that want permanent makeup done. No need to search elsewhere. Gaby’s the one.”



August, 2009: Procedure: Eyeliner
“I have a “NO PAIN TOLERANCE!” So of course, for years I have been declining to have my eyeliner done even though my makeup was always smudged. Since Gaby did my eyeliner (which I barely felt), my eyes look so much better – no smudges. I have been a client of Gaby’s for about 15 years and can’t say enough about how professional and caring she is. I would definately recommend her to anyone I know! Thanks Gaby.”



July, 2009: Procedure: Eyelash Enhancement
“Gaby did an eyelash enhancement on me, and I LOVE it! I am one of those people who doesn’t usually wear makeup, so this was perfect for me. It looks natural, and really just helps bring out my eyes. I have gotten so many compliments about how great my eyes look, but people aren’t really sure what I did. It’s because Gaby is so talented and great at making her work look natural and she truly does work to just enhance your natural features to make you look your best. As an RN, I respect Gaby’s professionalism, the clean, and sterile environment that she maintains during the procedure, and the way she always puts you, the client, first. She will make you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her, and is truly an artist in her profession. Thanks Gaby!”



July, 2009: Procedure: Eyebrow Fill-In/Darkening
“I am delighted with the results of my permanent eyebrows. I am on the plus side of 75 years and wish that I had done this years ago, but then I wouldn’t have met Gaby. I am able to get ready much more quickly in the morning, and head out for the day. I found Gaby to be patient and very professional. I may even consider another permanent venture.”



July, 2009: Procedure: Eyeliner and Full Lips
“When you hear permanent make up, a lot of people become afraid because so many people in the industry have NO clue what they are doing and have left people physically and emotionally scared. As a client of Gaby’s with both my eyeliner and lips permanently tattooed I cannot recommend her enough. Her work is amazing and looks completely natural. I had my eyes done more than 10 years ago and have only had to have 1 touch up. My lips 5 years now and still look new and natural. She is a true artist with talent and professionalism.”



June, 2009: Procedure: Permanent Make Up Removal
“My story begins by stating this, ” Make sure you do your homework before going to any random person that claims to do permanent make up.” I was horrified, embarassed, and shocked by the end result of my permanent make up. It was pitch black, way too thick, uneven, and to make matters worst the lady decided to add her own personal touch by adding a tail on both eyes.

After endless research and calling multiple places I found Gaby! Apparenly, she’s one in a million who performs this precise technique of removal. I was extremely hesitant on my first visit. I made a million questions because I was so scared from what had happen with my previous experience. Gaby is a trooper she was extremely informed, professional, and charasmatic.

In only 1 treatment so far the horrible permanent make up has vanished. I am delighted with the result. Its a miracle, Gaby is truly a trooper and gives hope to those like myself who had a horrible permanent make up job. I’m forever thankful!”



January, 2009: Procedure: Eyeliner, Full Lip Color
“I had heard of permanent make up a few years ago but never thought I would do such a thing..I thought it might look fake or something. Then one day by chance I happened to check in at my doctor’s office, and noticed how beautiful the receptionist’s eyes looked. Even though I hardly knew her, I couldn’t help complimenting her on what a great job she did on her make up. Was I surprised when she said, “It’s permanent make up!” This eye liner just makes your eyes look beautiful…like you’re a expert at putting it on. So once I knew how great this eye liner actually looks, I got the details from her and proceeded to Gaby. Gaby does a great job at listening to exactly how you want your eyes to look, and then choosing the best color and thickness for you. The procedure took about an hour, with a follow up procedure lasting less time about a month later. Gaby is very gentle and uses a topical anesthesia, and although it stings a bit during the procedure, it is well worth it. I have never regretted it because my eyes always look great, no matter what…you can be sweating or crying and of course you don’t get that eye liner dripping you would get with ordinary make up. Once I had this done I didn’t even tell my sister about it..but when she saw me for the first time since having it done, she immediately said “Your eyes look beautiful!” Well of course she went to Gaby also and loves it.

To compliment this eye liner I have Gaby tint my eyelashes about once evey 6 weeks, eliminating the need to wear mascara.

Gaby also gave color to my lips, which makes me look like I’m wearing just a bit of lipstick, especially if you add a bit of lip gloss. I elected a more natural look, but Gaby has darker colors if you want it.

This permanent make up has been such a time saver and really I can’t recommend it enough. I know most people may be hesitant just looking at a photograph, but there are several employees at Salon Nobel who have had permanent make up done by Gaby, so one could give a call to stop in and see some of these ladies in person, to see how great and natural this really looks.

Thanks so much, Gaby! You’re the best!”